Brooklyn is the Future art show

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Last Friday, I decided to take a trip to NYC. Lucky for me, I had gotten the chance to check out the “Brooklyn Is The Future” art show!!! Brooklyn was definitely in the building! On this day, this art show premiered a collective of 40 Brooklyn based artists who would showcase their artwork though the entire warehouse, known as the Vazquez building. Amazing talent and dope exhibit! Check out some pics below and remember …. support the arts! To view more pics, visit our facebook page here.


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Hip Hop Photography at it’s finest!

As a kid who grew up listening to hip hop albums and reading hip hop magazines, I would always find myself analyzing artistic hip hop cd covers and opening its booklet, just to look for some classic hip hop pictures. I would also wonder who was responsible for making such iconic covers and photos and today I stumbled upon one of them. Here is a promotional video for this hip hop exhibition in France, known “Back in the days”, which highlights the career and experiences of hip hop photographer Jonathan Mannion. Responsible for taking numerous familar photos are artists such as Jay-z, Biggie, Nas, Aaliyah, Mos-Def, Outkast, DMX, etc., Mannion talks about his experiences in being apart of the beloved hip hop culture, documenting the rise of hip-hop culture for the past 15 years, watching as it start as an underground movement in the early 1990s to what is now considered the pop culture phenomenon today. Just SOLEFULL!!!

Back in the Days : 27 Mars à La Bellevilloise , Episode #2 from Nadim33

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Chris Paul traded to the Clippers

With the NBA season just 9 days away, fans are getting more anxious for its commencement due to these huge trade trade. The latest big trade talk had just been finalized and involved 4 time allstar point guard Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Clippers… (Yes I said the Clippers!!!) And peep this…he actually wants to go there!

In this trade, the Clippers acquired CP3, (a.k.a the Rick Flair of basketball), from the  Hornets (more…)

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