Fresh Fridays ft. Sol Galeano

New Orleans own Sol Galeano drops some knowledge, through spoken word this time around, about her father’s and mother’s relationship in her piece, ‘Tree in Honduras.’ She also delves into her own upbringing and how she refuses to just be another unknown face to this universe. She is an intrinsic force to be reckoned with when it comes to her music, artistry and soul. Get a taste of her innate talent and download her latest tracks (“You Said” and “Bonita Moon”) on Bandcamp!

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Chris Paul traded to the Clippers

With the NBA season just 9 days away, fans are getting more anxious for its commencement due to these huge trade trade. The latest big trade talk had just been finalized and involved 4 time allstar point guard Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Clippers… (Yes I said the Clippers!!!) And peep this…he actually wants to go there!

In this trade, the Clippers acquired CP3, (a.k.a the Rick Flair of basketball), from the  Hornets (more…)

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