The Hip Hop Professional College Chatroom Tour

Hey young world,

Come join Umass Boston’s H.I.P H.O.P initiative in conversation with music industry heavy weight Shanti Das! From marketing to networking to entrepreneurship, etc, Shanti will be covering her work experiences in the industry. Come out to support the H.I.P H.O.P Initiative and get some insight on entrepreneurship, marketing, networking and overall inside scoop on the industry! Everyone supports artists..but what about those who play a huge role in their success? #TheRealMVPS

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Katy Perry on track to break Michael Jackson’s record!

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Katy Perry is on track to break Michael Jackson's #1 single record

 Don’t look so surprised Katy, people break records every day. Katy Perry has 5 #1 singles on the billboard Hot 100 from her album “Teenage Dream.” The only other artist with 5 #1 billboard singles from one album is Michael Jackson when he released ”BAD.” She has recently cracked the top 10 with her latest and sixth single “One That Got Away.” To help ensure this #1 status is reached, her team has decided to drop the price of the single from $1.29 to $.69 in order to increase sales. Also the timing of this strategy coincides perfectly with her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live on December 10th which will also imcrease exposure for the song. Katy seems to be on pace to break this record so we will keep you posted on this record breaking news.



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