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I recently got to sit down and talk on the phone with Bronx native and certified hip-hop head Kid Daytona. We talked about his new project Interlude II, his unique partnership with LRG, 88.9 alum Statik Selektah, and what he has planned for this year!

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MUSICisforLIFE: Kid Daytona! Whats up fam? Interlude II is out!

Kid Daytona: Interlude II is whats up man. I just dropped that right before Christmas. Feedback on it has been really dope. We’re about to go in and shoot some visuals just to keep it going.

MIFL: Really? What videos are you going to shoot?

KD: We’re gonna do “Low”, “Love is Love” with Melanie Fiona, and “Ivory Coast Crime Scene” with Action Bronson for starters and then we’re just gonna take it from there. We got a lot of dope concepts that we’re gonna pull off. The production value is gonna be stepped up and everything will be better than what we’ve done before.

MIFL: Definitely can’t wait to see those. Speaking of production, you have a great ear for beats and production. Your music is always high quality. On Interlude I you used a lot of interludes from classic albums to rap on but on Interlude II you used a lot of original production especially with 6th Sense. Why did you change?

KD: The reason I did that is because with Interlude I” I just wanted to take it back to the essence and really just go in with rhymes. I wasn’t caring about songs and song formats. I didn’t care about exposure and things like that. I just wanted to show people what I was about. I am for the culture and a hip hop head. It’s just ill all of the accolades I got from it. A lot of people loved that tape. I got three of my videos played on MTV. I was a part of BET music matters and I got to premiere a video on 106 and Park. I recently got a Grey Goose Rising Icon award as well. With the “Interlude II” I just really wanted to show people that I could make records. I wanted it to be an overall bigger sound. It’s all about growth man. You gotta show people something for the first time and then building off that.

MIFL:  You did a lot of tracks with 6th Sense on this project. What is it like to work with him?

KD: 6th is my dude. I not only work with him, hes my friend. I can be direct with him with the type of sound that I want and he gives me a lot of advice. At this point we just have that chemistry. It just works.

MIFL: In another interview you said you recorded over 50 tracks for the Interlude II. When can we hear the rest of those?

KD: You’re gonna hear some of those on the Interlude III. We’re gonna end it as a trilogy. I’m gonna be releasing some loosies too. This year we’re gonna put out a lot of material. Shout out to Peter Rosenberg. He’s helping me A&R Interlude III. You should get that in the spring time as soon as it starts warming up.

MIFL: What is your favorite song off Interlude II?

KD: It’s a toss-up between “Low” and “Done done it”

MIFL: If you could pick one artist and one producer to definitely have on your next project, who would it be?

KD: I expressed to Peter Rosenberg that I would love to work with Pete Rock. He’s one of the greatest producers. Im open to working with anybody but artist wise I would love to work with Adele. If I had a connect to reach out to her I know we could do something ill.

MIFL: How do you feel you’ve changed as a rapper between the release of Interlude I and Interlude II?

KD: I don’t think I’ve changed. I just keep pushing myself to do better. I think with every project I become more polished because I push myself to do so. Im not content where im at because im always trying to get better. I listen to other people and their ideas. I also listen to producers and im not afraid to try new things.

MIFL: You were a BET Music Matter artist, how do you think it has helped your career?

KD: It definitely gave me a lot of exposure. They showed a lot of love over there. I thank them for wanting me to be a part of that. The artists they allow into that program are dope artists. It allowed me to be on national television in front of millions of people twice. It gave me exposure not only here in the states but overseas as well.

MIFL: The partnership you have with LRG is really unique. I have never seen another artist with something like that. How do you think it separates you from a lot of other rappers in the game right now?

KD: I don’t have a co-sign from another rapper so I partnered up with a very influential brand. They help me with a bunch of stuff. They help me with producing videos and they always keep me fresh.  Not only is it a business partnership but its family over there at that company. All of the people over there are like brothers and sisters.

MIFL: You did a track with Boston native and 88.9 alum Statik Selektah on his “Population Control” album, what was it like working with him?

KD: I’m on his album and he’s on Interlude II as well. He produced the “God is Good” track with Goapele. Statik is in the hip hop scene in New York and hes always out networking and politicking. I chill with him all the time so working together came natural. We did both of those songs in one day during the same session. I see him in Boston all the time. Statik and his partner Brandon have a lot of respect for my talent and what I do and the respect is reciprocated.

MIFL: So what you got up next for this year? Any features we should know about? Interlude III??

KD: Definitely Interlude III. Like I said, I got awarded the Grey Goose Rising Icon award so I got a lot of things coming up with them. I have some shows and a tour. Definitely look out for me at South by Southwest. It’s gonna be really big this year. Im just gonna continue to grow and continue to expand.

MIFL: Great talking to you Daytona. Thanks for taking out the time to talk to us. I look forward to all the things you got coming up this year. Good luck fam. Make sure you stop by 88.9 next time you in town

KD: You already know fam.

DOWNLOAD Interlude II HERE >> Interlude II

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