NBA Blockbuster Trade = James Harden to Rockets

Reports have leaked stating that NBA and OKC Thunder’s “6th man of the Year” James Harden has been traded to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin, rookie shooting guard Jeremy Lamb, two first-round Draft picks and a second-round Draft pick. The Thunder will also send Cole Aldrich, Daequan Cook and Lazar Hayward to the Rockets to complete the deal. Harden has been expecting a huge contract extention from the team, especially since he was a big part of OKC’s offense, success, and overall run to the NBA finals last year! Seems like the franchise wasn’t fully instrested or convinced in offering him the well deserved money, which means that this trade will definitely shake things up for the NBA Western conference. I bet OKC fans aren’t too pleased to hear and watch their favorite bearded player get traded to another team either! With 3 days left until NBA season kicks off, here are some sick 2012 highlights/memories of James Harden’s amazing year as an OKC player!

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Ball So hard: Play of the week

Just in case you missed it… Gerald Green, who’s now on a 10 day contract with the Nets, thought he was 03′ Vince Garter for a sec! Looks like he’s not going back to the D-league this season!!! Nuff said!


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Ball So Hard: Plays of the week

This weeks top plays of the week come from both NCAA & NBA. With help from UNC’s Tyler Zeller, who tipped a shot into his own basket towards the final seconds of the game and also missed a free throw that would’ve won the game against arch rival Duke University, Doc’s son Austin Rivers drains the cold-blooded three pointer for the win. That ish cray.

As for the NBA, New York Knick point guard sensation Jeremy Lin, aka the 10th member of the Wu Tang Clan or The Yellow Mamba, has caused quite a stir (litteraly) against the Lakers and Derek Fisher was to witness it serverly with this vicious spin move. THE LIN-SANITY CONTINUES!!!!

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Blake Griffin’s INSANE dunk of the year!

Just when you thought Lebron’s dunk over John Lucas couldn’t have been outdone…think again! Last night, LA Clipper’s Power Forward Blake Griffin took flight over OKC Thunder’s Center, Kendrick Perkins, with no regard to human life!!! Not only is this hands down the best dunk of the year, but it’s also being considered as one of the best dunks of all time!!! So as you watch Blake Griffin straight DISRESPECT Kendrick Perkins below, remember… the NBA season is back, full force with vengance!!! OMG!!! Just watch!!!!

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You ever been to a bar fight!!!!

I don’t think this will ever get old for me! After the Celtics came back from a 27 point deficit and WIN against the magic, Craig Sager caught up with an overly hyped Kevin Garnett after the game. This must be the illest post-game interview I’ve ever seen!!! Still has me rolling!!! Ever been to a bar fight?!!… Ask The Solefull Lounge…they’ve been in a bar fight!!!

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Happy Birthday Dwade!!!

What’s up TSL Nation! Hollywood in the building! Seems like it was every celebrity’s birthday weekend! Here is some footage of Maimi Heat star Dwyane Wade celebrating his 30th birthday with teammates and celebrity guests, including the fly Kelly Rowland and wifey Gabrielle Union. Looks like the type of birthday event Hollywood and PJ will be organizing for our 30th b-days! lol

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