TSL Sole Spotlight Presents: Caliph (Coming Soon)

The Solefull Lounge will be dropping our next episode of SOLE Spotlight and it will feature Boston rapper Caliph! Caliph is a very talented rapper and I’m letting you know right now… his talent along with our visuals together in the same room = classic material!!! Speacial S/O to the impeccable visual team Doom & Gloom for bringing our visions to life! Stay tuned for the premiere of episode 3 tomorrow. In the meantime, check out his video “The Shot”.

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“Sole Spotlight” Episode 2: Tori Tori

For this month’s “SOLE Spotlight” series, your favorite brand, The Solefull Lounge, got a chance to sit down and talk with Tori Tori, a young talented singer hailing from Boston MA. She is an amazing talent and will be singing solefull melodies at our upcoming Solefull Soiree event on October 18 Thurs. In the meantime, check out this video and get familiar with the name Tori Tori, since it will not be the last time you hear her name.

TSL SOLE Spotlight introducing Tori Tori from The Solefull Lounge on Vimeo.

Dope Visuals were provided by: Doom & Gloom

Special Shout Outs: Yaritza Pena, Torri Tori, Doom & Gloom, and Flat Iron Lounge

And check out her music:


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