Redbox Chronicles ft. “Antiviral”

“Antiviral,” as previewed in numerous indie films affiliated with IFC, is now available on DVD for a mere price of your time and a swipe of your credit card. Being released in 2012, this better late than never film, directed by Brandon Cronenberg, has demonstrated an advanced version of the idolization that currently occurs in 2013 of celebrities and socialites alike. A cannibalistic and junkie theme that dictates the film’s nature is almost unbearable to watch whilst simultaneously intriguing the mind to every second of the film. It is a slow psychological thriller that displays worship of celebrities such as Hannah Geist (who happens to resemble Marilyn Monroe), Aria Noble (who looks like Naomi Campbell’s doppelg√§nger) and many more. This new era injects everything of these celebrities, even their horrific attributes. They will pay top of the line l’argent just to get a ‘taste’ of these celebrities. It is a twisted plot, but it does highlight the point that as a society we are taking extreme measures to bear resemblance to our favorite stars, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Reluctant to take that step to head out to the movies tonight? No worries, because Redbox has you and your madame covered with this thriller, “Antiviral.” A light precautionary warning, this isn’t for the weary or weak-stomached as there is a myriad amount of gory scenes displayed and cannibalistic actions.

-¬†Farrah J. contributin’.

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