Mixtape: Netta Brielle – Will You Go With Me?

Bay area native and Atlantic records up and coming talent Netta Brielle has released her new project titled “Will You Go With Me?”. Inspired by her memories of young love, the 11 track mixtape displays her melodic range and song versatility. Stay on the look-out for this rising star. I can’t wait to hear more.

Stream Will You Go With Me? here.

Download Will You Go With Me? here.





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Fresh Fridays ft. HiFadility

Tomorrow night, be sure to be at The Joshua Tree in Allston to see producer and sound engineer HiFadility spin the top songs of all time! This Boston native and of Haitian descent has traveled for some time and returned to his roots on the East coast. He has impacted the music scene in Boston with his philosopher knowledge and innate artistry. He has just released his latest project, The Traveler. Click on  Let the beats resonate and inject your veins to induce a relaxed demeanor for the summertime.


Farrah J. / IGxTwitter: @farrahevita 

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Forget Fast Food: Health Starts at Home!

We love sandwiches of all shapes and sizes: paninis, subs, burgers etc. They taste delicious and are easy to make. Our biggest concern is eating sandwiches we didn’t make at home. We wonder, what am I really consuming? How much sodium? How much saturated fat? Any trans fats? (We hope not!).

So, what do we do to still eat yummy sandwiches without the nasty ingredients, you ask? Make them at home! One of our favorite homemade sandwiches to make is a delicious Spinach & Avocado Sandwich with egg & turkey. Yummy right?…read on!

spinach avocado sandwich

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread
  • 1 cup baby spinach
  • 1 egg (with or without egg yolk)
  • 1 slice of Turkey
  • 1/4 cup avocado


On toasted bread layer the spinach, turkey, egg and avocado. Feel free to mash some of the avocado to spread on the bread. Oh yes! Don’t forget your pickles! :)

Nutritional Information:

This sandwich is only about 300 calories (more or less depending on the amount of avocado & turkey you add). More than half the calories of sandwiches from fastfood chains like Quiznos, Arby’s, & Burger King can have 1000+ calories. It contains 18g protein, 13g fat (healthy fats), 12g sugar, and about 500mg of sodium (more than half the sodium compared to fast food chains that have up to 2000mg sodium per sandwich (this amount can easily be reduced by not adding the turkey or egg).

What’s your favorite homemade sandwich? Comment below!

Peace, love and coconuts!

- Brown & Coconut

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Short Film of The Week: Dr. Easy

Michael is a broken man with a gun. He is surrounded by armed police. A robot with medical training is dispatched to negotiate – but can it save him? Dr. Easy is a prologue for a planned feature adaptation of ‘The Red Men’. Written and directed by Jason Groves, Richard Kenworthy and Christopher Harding

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TSL Events Presents: “The Get Down” July 5th

What up TSL Nation! On FRIDAY JULY 5th We’re excited to be bringing you the 2nd edition of “The Get Down” where we combine elements of a Live Band and DJ to make for an electric blend of Hip-Hop. R&B and Funk. This party is also in celebration for TSL’s 2nd year in business!!!

Come through and kickoff your SUMMER right with GOOD MUSIC, GOOD VIBES, & GOOD PEOPLES.

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“Made Nas Proud”- NAS

What an amazing week in hip hop!!! With 2x NBA champ Lebron James announcing that he “ain’t got not worries”, Jay-Z revealing his plans of releasing his “Magna Carta Holy Grail” ablum in a few weeks, and finally, both J. Cole and Kanye West releasing 2 great hip hop albums this week for hip hop listening ears, you would think it couldn’t get any better right??! Well… today Nas just relased his response to J Cole’s noteworthy track “I Let Nas Down” from J. Cole’s “Born Sinner” album. Take a seat and listen to the legend humbly speak his mind!!! Let the summer begin!!!


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Fresh Fridays ft. G FrSH

G FrSH is the UK-based rapper who does not cease to amaze his audience. With his latest visuals, “Never Can I,” being almost spasmodic and interestingly alluring, we see a grandiose life through the lenses of James Partridge. G FrSH’s dainty fashion compliments the blasé models who are wickedly indifferent to life itself. This satirical music video, from demolishment of the exquisite cakes to the models screaming demonically at the top off of their lungs, creates a mystical life that we all lust for and desire. We would thoroughly enjoy a mash-up of “Never Can I,” which can be heard off of his latest mixtape LEGOMAN II.


Farrah J.

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Future Boston Celebrates Juneteenth and Back to the Future!

Juneteenth is the national celebration of the emancipation of slavery. Tomorrow, join Future Boston Alliance in their partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts and local artists! Click here to RSVP. It is taking place from 5:30 – 9:00 PM and it is FREE!

Afterwards, come party with De La Soul’s DJ Maseo at Naga in Cambridge! Back to the Future is being held by Future Boston Alliance, Edo G, Floorlords and Chief Rocka Moe D. Dance all night to the rhythm of DJ Maseo as he spins the hottest throwbacks! Costs $10 for entrance and will also include DJ Frank White at 10 PM, Moe D at 11 PM and Maseo at 12 AM! Listen to the wise DJ Maseo as he gives us some advice as to how to aspire as a musician or artist.

“Stay focused. Stay passionate.”

Farrah J. 

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Old School Hip Hop Night with DJ Maseo of De La Soul Wednesday, June 19
“Naga” Central Square // Cambridge

$10 at the door

Official DJ Lineup:
10PM: Frank White
11PM: Moe D
12AM: Maseo

Brought to you by:
Future Boston Alliance
Edo G
Floor Lords
Chief Rocka Moe D

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Boston’s own Avenue Stuns Us with New Visuals!

Boston native James Joshua Avenue, known for his stage name ‘Avenue,’ has collaborated with the talented videographer and director Goodwin for these crisp and eloquent visuals. The mystical production was done by another native, HiFadility. This team is one to be reckoned with as Avenue is also known for his telling poetry. Almost trembling to think for his competitors! Rapping for about 9 years now, Avenue has made a compelling name for himself in the city of Boston as well as the surrounding areas. The culture in “I Love My” visuals, featuring a slow yet well-thought verse from Last Days, has been on repeat since we discovered it. Check the video out below and bask in the rawness of what Boston has to offer on a silver platter.

Farrah J. 

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