Redbox Chronicles ft. “Antiviral”

“Antiviral,” as previewed in numerous indie films affiliated with IFC, is now available on DVD for a mere price of your time and a swipe of your credit card. Being released in 2012, this better late than never film, directed by Brandon Cronenberg, has demonstrated an advanced version of the idolization that currently occurs in 2013 of celebrities and socialites alike. A cannibalistic and junkie theme that dictates the film’s nature is almost unbearable to watch whilst simultaneously intriguing the mind to every second of the film. It is a slow psychological thriller that displays worship of celebrities such as Hannah Geist (who happens to resemble Marilyn Monroe), Aria Noble (who looks like Naomi Campbell’s doppelgänger) and many more. This new era injects everything of these celebrities, even their horrific attributes. They will pay top of the line l’argent just to get a ‘taste’ of these celebrities. It is a twisted plot, but it does highlight the point that as a society we are taking extreme measures to bear resemblance to our favorite stars, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Reluctant to take that step to head out to the movies tonight? No worries, because Redbox has you and your madame covered with this thriller, “Antiviral.” A light precautionary warning, this isn’t for the weary or weak-stomached as there is a myriad amount of gory scenes displayed and cannibalistic actions.

Farrah J. contributin’.

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TSL Events Presents: “Sole Spotlight” Live Concert Series

Join TSL for it’s “SOLE Spotlight Live” concert series where we celebrate the heart and soul of music. This event promises to be an exciting night filled with Boston’s most talented young musicians performing incredible R&B, Hip Hop, and Soul music. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit one of Boston’s most exciting new concert series of 2013!

Age: 18+


Performers: Dorian, Notoriety Music, Kaylah Green, DJ P*Franchize

$8 in advance at CAFE939.COM
$10 @ the door with TSL Gear
$15 at the door

LIKE The Solefull Lounge FOLLOW @solefull_lounge

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Buyer Beware: 8 UNHEALTHY “Health” Foods

All too often, people are fooled by misleading food labels or ads that boast about how “healthy” their product is. If only you knew that “no sugar-added” or “all natural” aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. Below I’ve compiled a list of the top “healthy” foods you may want to rethink.

Fruit Smoothies

We hear fruit and we think it’s healthy right?? Well a lot of fruit smoothies are made with a sugary yogurt or juice base that is far from healthy and can often contain as much, if not more sugar than a serving of soda. Not to mention, these smoothies can be packed with way more than a normal serving of fruit, loading on the calories.

Strawberry smoothie


You want to be careful with this one because depending on the lettuce or other green leafies used along with toppings, a very healthy salad can quickly become extremely unhealthy. Iceberg lettuce for example, has pretty much little to no nutritional value. What’s more, is people will often pack on cheese, dressing, salty deli meats, fried chicken, croutons, and other bready toppings. Steer clear of all this and stick to light dressings like balsamic vinegar, or even lemon juice. Sometimes if you have a delicious blend of vegetables, you wont need any dressing at all!



While yogurt is certainly a great source of proteincalciumvitamin D, and probiotics for a healthy digestive system, they can also be loaded with sugar, some even contain over 30 grams! This is a big red flag! Skip the sugar yogurt and choose unsweetened yogurt, then add some of your favorite berries or other fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.


“No-Sugar Added”

This one can be tricky because at first glance, you may think, “fabulous, it doesn’t have sugar!”, but in reality, there are naturally occurring sugars, and A LOT of them. Take fruit juices for example. Often times there won’t be any sugar added, but that doesn’t make drinking juice better. A cup here or there won’t kill you, but when you have 2,3,4,5 and more glasses of juice a day, those naturally occurring sugars (and calories) add up, providing very limited and sometimes no other nutritional benefits. Try squeezing some lemon or lime into some chilled water. This is a very thirst quenching option.

Nutrition, Protein & Breakfast Bars

This one’s a doozie. Many people grab these in the morning when they’re on the go, thinking they are eating a decent breakfast when in fact these can add a ton of fatcaloriescarbs, and sugar to your diet. Great way to start the day right? Wrong! Steer clear of these as much as you can and opt for fresh non-processed food for breakfast like a boiled egg, and some fresh fruit.

Energy bar isolated on white background


Often times, when used in their appropriate serving size, condiments won’t break your healthy diet, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to go WAY over the recommended serving size. Hummus is a big. It can be a great option when you stick to 1 or 2 tbsp, but start going over and the calories really add up. Ketchup and even barbecue sauce can add a lot more sugar than you bargain for, while tomato sauce adds sugar and lots of calories. Watch your condiment usage with a close eye or find healthier alternatives!


All Natural

The term naturalis not regulated by the government so companies can use this term pretty loosely, marketing products as natural that have no business being described as such. My advice? Do your research before-hand so you know exactly what is going into the product your buying. You’ll often find there’s nothing natural about it!


Granola can be a great source of fiber, healthy fats, & omega 3′s, but it is also very calorie dense. The serving size is generally pretty small, but people tend to go way over this limit, packing on the calories and sugar. Stick to the serving size or skip it altogether.


What do you do to avoid these health traps?

~ Brown & Coconut 
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Femme Fatales: UK Version

It has surpassed midnight and this is when the fashion police is on the prowl to hunt their honorable and worthy victims. Spanning out to the very avant-garde and artistic UK-fashion world, TSL extols these females for their outward appearance and ability to rock whatever they wear with swagger, might and grace.

Round of applause for UK songstress, Bebe Black, who specializes in the enticing vintage era of the ’80s. She does a splendid job of pairing it with a modern edge of the ’90s whilst rocking a short, quirky cut. You can find more of her cutting-edge style on her official Facebook page.

Prepare yourself when UK femcee, RoxXxan, brutally murders spasmodic beats and the fashion realm with her feisty self. She rocks out with the backpack and after school special in such vibrant attire. Google her and be inspired by her risqué; take caution as you will want to take vigorous notes for the ‘back-to-school’ buffet. Now show this cool cat, ROtripleX, some props for taking it back.

Onto our next victim of the hour, we shall introduce Aluna Francis from that electronic duo AlunaGeorge. The vocalist, Aluna, has captured the hearts and eyes of thousands including her partner-in-art, George Reid. Her laid style, that is at times complimentary to her ladylike comportment, has indeed caught mine. The best part of it all is she will unabashedly strut down the red carpet of a highly acclaimed fashion show in, kindly cueing drum roll, SNEAKERS! Well, Queen Aluna, the fashion police bow to your spirit.

This poster child for goth-pop has taught us anything is possible, even through a nuclear time. Charli XCX screams, Cruel Intentions, with a dash of Spice Girls. Essentially, she vibes with the school girl couture whilst keeping her bad girl rep intact. Well done, Charli. You have reached what it is to be an angel in every aspect.

The states have yet to furnish what London has perfected. These English babes have it all; the talent, personalities including the gear! This is the first installment of what TSL likes to call ‘Femme Fatales.’ Tweet to us @solefull_lounge and/or @farrahevita for women in the game killing it in all ways.


Listen to Drake’s “All Me” in the meantime to uplift your spirits while selecting your wardrobe. 2 Chainz, Big Sean and the chalice-lesque beat will definitely add more than enough ‘swag’ to your day.


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Ladies & Gentleman: Say BYE BYE Razor Bumps!

We’ve all experienced razor bumps at one point or another, guys and girls alike, whether it be on legs, under-arms, face, neck, or down-under. They’re unsightly, annoying, and can even painful!

Razor bumps are simply ingrown hairs that develop as a result of a clogged follicular opening (aka: pore) or a hair follicle that curls around and renters the skin.

Dirt & bacteria get trapped in the pore and BLOCK the hair follicle from breaking through causing a pimple to form, bringing about redness and inflammation. These ingrown hairs can also form when hairs grow out but curl back around and reenter the skin. Our bodies recognize this hair as a “foreign object” and attack it. This is what also causes irritation.

Factors that contribute to ingrown hairs are:

  1. Dry Skin: Dead skin cells can get caught in your pores and interrupt hair growth
  2. Improper Shaving Techniques: Several factors like the type of razor you use, improperly prepping your skin, and after-care can all affect your chances of developing razor bumps.
  3. Genetics: People with curly hair are predisposed to getting razor bumps because the hair curls as it grows so its easier for the hair to curl back around and reenter the skin.
  4. Poor Hygiene: Dirt and bacteria can clog pores and cause inflammation, redness, & itching

man shaving

So how do you prevent razor bumps??

  1. First things first! Before you shave, make sure you wash your skin thoroughly! While washing, I also like to do a gentle exfoliation to get rid of any dead skin cells along with dirt and bacteria. This way, your skin is clean BEFORE your pores become vulnerable. Continuing to exfoliate even after shaving is important to make sure those pores STAY CLEAR! You can use a wash cloth and some warm water and your favorite face cleanser, rubbing in circular motions, or you can use a face cleanser with a chemical exfoliant like glycolic or lactic acid, for example.
  2. Be sure you are using a sharp blade.
  3. Try a razor with fewer blades. The more blades on the razor, the grater the chance of ingrown hairs.
  4. Use warm water & shaving creamsoap or gel. Also, try to shave after your skin & hair has had sometime to “soften up” from the warm water (ie: at the END of your shower, bath, etc)
  5. Shave with fewer strokes and short strokes but don’t shave over the same area twice!Young woman shaving legs
  6. Shave in the direction that your hair grows, NOT the opposite.
  7. Rinse your blade after every stroke.
  8. Be sure to MOISTURIZE properly after shaving. This will prevent any new dry skin cells from accumulating and blocking your pores. Also, be sure you are using a moisturizer that isn’t going to block those beautiful pores. Look for non-pore clogging ingredients (aka: non-comedogenic)
  9. Avoid touching your freshly shaven skin with dirty hands. This is mainly in regards to your face, as your hands are one of the dirtiest places on your body and will only transfer more dirtbacteria, & oil onto your vulnerable skin & pores.
  10. Try bathing soon after physical exercise or vigorously sweating. Wear cleandry clothes, & change your pillow cases REGULARLY!

Give these tips a shot then come back and let us know how they worked for you! :)

- Brown & Coconut 


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Fresh Fridays ft. Calliko

Every Friday, TSL keeps it fresh with novel artists, videos, events and so on. The spotlight has hit Chicago native, Calliko, with his latest visuals High Life. With the intro displaying the infamous film “New Jack City,” which starred Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Allen Payne and Chris Rock, gives us some kind of levity as to what Calliko is rhyming about. Then, we see a long-haired female hula hopping and dancing in a strategical way to the beat of Calliko’s song. A very unorthodox video taken place in a field filled with green pasture, while Calliko is surrounded by associates and has several outfit changes, including the comeback of a tie-dyed sweatshirt. Great track for this overly hot summer afternoon. Kick it inside, trip off of Calliko’s catchphrases and stay hydrated in the meantime!

Farrah J.

IG x Twitter: @farrahevita

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