The Solefull Lounge is a cutting-edge brand that provides a Lifestyle for individuals with Style, Originality, Love and Education. Many people ask what does your name mean? allow us to explain, SOLE represents an individual within a group or society (sole survivor), FULL represents being at the highest or greatest degree (full strength) and LOUNGE represents comfort, class, and entertainment. Therefore, The Solefull Lounge reflects an atmosphere that embodies comfort, class, and entertainment by designing and selling apparel that not only celebrates the individual, but also represents their Style, Originality, Love, and Education at it’s highest degree.

TSL Mission Statement

The Solefull LoungeĀ began in 2008 as an idea by two former College Students to create a brand that would reflect their shared interests of art, music, and fashion. Today, The Solefull Lounge is a lifestyle brand that not only produces cutting edge fashion but also provides an exceptional entertainment platform where tastemakers, culture enthusiasts, and artists can flourish.